Zoogocho Zapotec

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Zoogocho Zapotec
(San Bartolomé Zoogocho)
Native taeMexico
RegionNorthren Oaxaca
Native speakers
(1,400 citit ca. 1991)[1]
  • Zoogocho
  • Yalina
  • Tabehua
Leid codes
ISO 639-3zpq

Zoogocho Zapotec, or Diža'xon,[2] is a Zapotec leid o Oaxaca, Mexico.

It is spoken in San Bartolomé Zoogocho, Oaxaca, Santa María Yalina, Tabehua, an Oaxaca de Juárez.[3]

As o 2013, aboot 1,500 "Zoogochenses" live in Los Angeles, Californie. Clesses are held in the MacArthur Park neebourheid tae preserve the Zoogocho Zapotec leid.[4]

The language is kent as Tabehua, Yalina, Zapoteco de San Bartolomé Zoogocho, an Zoogocho an aw.[5]

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