Yoweri Museveni

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Yoweri Museveni
Museveni July 2012 Cropped.jpg
8t Preses o Uganda
Assumed office
29 Januar 1986
Vice Preses Samson Kisekka (1991–94)
Specioza Kazibwe (1994–03)
Gilbert Bukenya (2003–11)
Edward Ssekandi (2011–)
Prime Meenister Samson Kisekka (1986–91)
George Adyebo (1991–94)
Kintu Musoke (1994–99)
Apollo Nsibambi (1999–11)
Amama Mbabazi (2011–)
Preceded by Tito Okello
5t Chairperson-in-office o the Commonwealth o Naitions
In office
23 November 2007 – 27 November 2009
Heid Elizabeth II
Preceded by Lawrence Gonzi
Succeeded by Patrick Manning
Personal details
Born c. 1944 (age 71–72)[1]
Ntungamo, Uganda
Naitionality Ugandan
Poleetical pairty NRM
Spoose(s) Janet Museveni (m. 1973)
Alma mater Varsity o Dar es Salaam
Releegion Christianity (Anglican)
Wabsteid www.presidentmuseveni.com

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Aboot this soond pronunciation ; born 15 August c. 1944)[2] is a Ugandan politeecian who haes been Preses o Uganda syne 29 Januar 1986.

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  2. Sources are divided on Museveni's exact year and place of birth. While the year of 1938 is the most prominent in discourse on Museveni (Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopedia.com[deid airtin], Encarta and Columbia Encyclopedia), 1945 or 1946 have also been suggested as possible years of birth (Oloka-Onyango 2003 Project MUSE).