Yird Owerrax Day

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The ongaun o the dates o Yird Owerrax Day[1]

Yird Owerrax Day (YOD) is the calculate illustrative calendar date on whilk humanity's resoorce consumpt fur the yeir ootdings the Yird’s throu-pit tae be regeneratin thae resoorces that yeir. The term "owerrax" represents the level by whilk human population's rane owerraxes the owerpittable amoont o biological resoorces regenerate on the Yird. Whan leukit at through an economic perspective, the yeirlie EOD represents the day by whilk the planet's yeirlie regenerative budget is barkin an fleein, an humanity enters environmental deficit spendin. EOD is calculate by hauverin the warld biothrou-pit (the amoont o naitral resoorces generate bi the Yird that yeir), bi the warld ecological fitprint (humanity's consumpt o the Yird's naitral resoorces fur that yeir), an multipleein bi 365 (366 i leap years), the nummer o days i a yeir:

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