Yerl o Rothes

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Coat o' airms o' the Leslie Family using red, arms o' Clan Leslie.

Thi' Yerl o Rothes ees a title in the peerage o' Scotland. It wis established in 1458 fir' George Leslie who hid' awreedy' became Lord of Leslie in 1445 when that title wis creautit. In 1680 the Duke o Rothes wis' creautit but disbaundit ane year later in 1681 re-creautin the Yerl o Rothes.

Yerl O Rothes (1458-1680)

George Leslie I (1458-1490) (lord fi' 1445)

Airms o' the Yerl o' Rothes wi blue. Uised bi Peerage o Scotland to reapresent thi' Leslie faimily.

George Leslie II (1490-1513) (lord fi' 1492?)

William Leslie I (1513-1513) (lord fi' 1513?)

George Leslie III (1513-1558) (never lord)

Andrew Leslie I (1558-1611) (never lord)

John Leslie I (1611-1641) (never lord)

John Leslie II (1641-1680) (never lord)

Duke O Rothes (1680)

John Leslie II (1680) (never lord)

Earl O Rothes (restored) (1680-)

John Leslie II (1680-1681) (never lord)

Margaret Leslie I (1681-1700) (?)

John H-Leslie I (1700-1722) (?)

John Leslie III (1722-1767) (?)

John Leslie IV (1767-1773) (last ti' be maybe be lord)

Jane E. Leslie I (1773-1810)

George W. Leslie I (1810-1817)

Norman Leslie, 19th earl o Rothes.

Henrietta A. Leslie I (1817-1819)

George W. Leslie II (1819-1841)

George W. Leslie III (1841-1859)

Henrietta A. Leslie II (1859-1886)

Mary E. Leslie I (1886-1893)

Norman E. Leslie I (1893-1927)

Malcolm G. D-E. Leslie (1927-1974/1975)

Ian L. M. Leslie (1974/1975-2005)

James M. D. Leslie (2005-)