Yerl o Kinnoull

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Yerldom o Kinnoull
Coronet of a British Earl.svg
Hay-Drummond coat of arms.svg
The Hay-Drummond coat o airms
Creaution date 25 Mey 1633 (1633-05-25)
Peerage Peerage o Scotland
First hauder George Hay, 1st Yerl o Kinnoull
Present hauder Charles Hay, 16t Yerl o Kinnoull
Heir apparent William Hay, Viscoont Dupplin (b. 2011)
Subsidiary teetles Viscount Dupplin, Lord Hay of Kinfauns, Baron Hay of Pedwardine
Seat(s) Dupplin Castle
Umwhile seat(s) Balhousie Castle
Armorial motto Renovate animos ("Renew yer courage")[1]

Yerl o Kinnoull (whiles spelled Yerl o Kinnoul) is a teetle in the Peerage o Scotland. It wis creautit in 1633 for George Hay, 1st Viscount o Dupplin.

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