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Yamaha DT-1

The Yamaha DT is a series o mopeds an motorcycles produced bi the Yamaha Motor Company. Models in the DT series feature an ingine displacement o 50 tae 400 cc (3.1 tae 24 cu in). The first DT model, the DT-1, wis released in 1968 an quickly sold through its initial 12,000 production run.[1]

The DT series wis creatit bi Yamaha in the late 1960s when the Unitit States motorcycle market wis doun. Market research bi Yamaha indicatit that, despite slow motorcycle sales, there wis a lairgely untapped market for off-road motorcycles. At the time, anerlie a few specialty European manufacturers such as Bultaco an Husqvarna made motorcycles specifically for off-road uise. Instead, mony awners purchased road motorcycles an modified them for off-road uise, typically bi raisin the muffler. Such modifications wur commonly kent as creatin scramblers. The first DT model, the DT-1, wis released in late 1967 an quickly sold oot.[2] The DT series, an the DT-1 in particular, hae been creditit wi inventin the trail bike category o motorcycle.[3]

Models in the DT Series[eedit | eedit soorce]

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