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Xoco is a offeecial neebourheid o Mexico Ceety in Benito Juárez burgh. Xoco wis oreeginally a veelage datin tae times afore the Spainyie conquest.[1] Nou it is a important commercial center at the northren edge o Coyoacán, an is hame tae the Centro Coyoacán shoppin center an the Torre Mitikah touer, which will be Mexico Ceety's tawest biggin, accordin tae plan. Xoco is servit bi the Coyoacán station o the Mexico Ceety metro. The naitional cinematheque, the Cineteca Nacional, is here an thare is a cemetery here an aw, the Panteón de Xoco.[2]


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Coordinates: 19°22′N 99°10′W / 19.367°N 99.167°W / 19.367; -99.167