William fitz Duncan

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William fitz Duncan
Tànaiste o Alba
Mormaer o Moray
Ring 1130s–1147
Predecessor Óengus
Born 1090/1094
Dee'd 1147
Spouse Unkent wumman
Alice de Rumilly
m. 1137
Unkent Ingen Óengus?
see also Clan Meic Uilleim
William the Atheling of Egremont
Cicely, Lady o Skipton
Wimund o the Isles?
Numerous illegitimate childer
Faither Duncan II, Keeng o Alba
Mither Ethelreda, dochter o Gospatric

William fitz Duncan (a modren anglicisation o the Auld French Guillaume fils de Duncan an the Middle Irish Uilleam mac Donnchada) wis a Scots prince, a territorial magnate in northren Scotland an northren England, a general an the legitimate son o keeng Donnchad II (Duncan II) o Scotland bi Athelreda (Ethelreda) o Dunbar.

Precedit bi
Mormaer o Moray
Merged tae croun
see Clan Meic Uilleim