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Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge

Wikipedians are fowk who write an eedit the pages for Wikipaedia, unlik readers wha simply read the airticles. Onybuddy can be a Wikipaedian—includin ye. Juist click the eedit airtin at the tap o ony page, or at the beginnin o each section.

Nummer o editors[eedit soorce]

The nummer o named accoonts is currently 110,487.[1] Juist a minority o accoont haulders are regular contreibutors, an juist a minority o those uisers interact in discussions aboot the commonty. An unkent number o unregistered Wikipaedians aw contribute to the site.

Uiser status[eedit soorce]

Based on user richts, thare are the follaein uiser groups[2]: [Purge]

  • Administrators: 3
  • Account creators: 0
  • Autopatrowers: 0
  • Bots: 52
  • Bureaucrats: 0
  • Checkuisers: 0
  • Confirmed uisers: 0
  • Importers: 0
  • IP block exemptions: 3
  • Owersichters: 0
  • Rowbackers: 15
  • Stewards: 0
  • Transwiki importers: 0

It should be notit that some uiser groups (such as stewards) act globally an thus thay dinna get local flags an local richts.

References[eedit soorce]

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