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Wikipedia:Whit NPOV is

Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge

Wikipaedia an Wikinews haes a strict "neutral pynt of view" (NPOV) policie, that says that its ettle as an encyclopaedia is nae best serred bi pittin forrit or takin back parteecular conceits on onie gien subject, but by ettlin tae pit forrit a fair, neutral ootline o the facts — amang thaim are the facts that monie interpretations an conceits exists. (O coorse, there's leemits tae whit conceits is wirth a mention, an this can be a cause o conflict.)

"Neutral pynt o view" shoud niver be raivelt wi "pynt of view o a warldwide bodie like that Unitit Nations"; scrievin in a NPOV weys requires recogneesin that e'en braidly-hauden or braidly-respectit conceits isna necessar richt.

Atho NPOV is an ultimate ettle whan scrievin a Wikipedie airticle, as a lane scriever, it's deeficult tae win at straucht awa, an sae it's aften thocht on as an interative process (as is wiki scrievin in general) whaur opposin conceits compromises on langage an presentation for tae mak a neutral airticle that's awricht for awbody.

This micht be seen as an adversarial seestem, but we howp a mensefu ane. Ye are expectit tae get close tae NPOV tae the best o yer abeelitie an walcome betterments wrocht bi ithers in guid faith; a failure o the seestem can become a cheinge war whaur twa or mair pairties staunds thair grund an refuses tae compromise, insteid pittin back ilk ither's cheinges.

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