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Think on a warld whaur awbody haes a free inlat tae the hail tot o aw human knawledge. That's whit we're daein. An we need a haund fae ye.

The Wikimedia Foundation Inc. is a nane-profit organization that ettles tae fend free knawledge tae awbody athort the warld. Winnin tae this throu the mainteenance, forderment an the cawin aboot o free content, Wikimedia lippens on the common-weel tae propine for tae uphaud wiki-based projects.

Wikimedia fends computin an netwark resoorces for tae shape an caw aboot mony reference warks sic as Wikipedia, Wiktionar, Wikiquote, Wikibeuks, Wikinewsins, Wikisoorce an the Wikimedia Commons. The content o thir projects is fendit for the common-weel athoot chairge.

Hou your bit will can help

Aw oor steids is free o adverteesin. Veesitors isna chairged for editin, readin or uisin oor content. We lippen alanerly on donations for tae fund oor projects. Oor, niver tae be heard tell o, growthe in traffec an content requires raigular haurdware updates for tae hinder mishanters athoot lossin functionality. Ither ootlay includes baundweenth costs, rackspace athin a colocation centre, the buyin o Wikimedia's domain names, sponsorship o speceefic saftware forderment tasks, an whiles traivel ootlay.

The Wikimedia Foondation requires fundin for tae cairry on its pioneerin role in the splorin o the field o compluthert content creation. Mair oot ower, we are seekin grants for tae fund the packin an cawin aboot o Wikimedia content tae airts that disna hae an inlat tae the Internet. Ilka wee bit can mak a muckle differ. Gin ye hae ony quaistens anent a propine or the Wikimedia Foondation, dinna be blate, contact us.

Propine The Wikimedia Foondation haes 501(c)(3) status. Donations micht be tax deductible. Propine online

Propine online wi PayPal or MoneyBookers uisin the easy tae uise furms ablo. Oor accoont name for thir is PayPal allous for ae-time, monthly an yearly peyment options (elide stents).

Ye needna hae a PayPal accoont for tae mak an ae-time donation tae us throu thair service.

Propine Poond Sterling

As fae Mairch 2005, MoneyBookers taks 27 currencies: Euro, British Poond, Bulgarian Lev, U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Czech Koruna, Dens Krone, Estonian Koruna, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Israeli Shekel, Japanese Yen, Latvia Lat, Malaysian Ringgit, New Taiwan Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, Slovakian Koruna, Slovenian Tollar, Sooth-African rand, Sooth-Korean won, Swaddish Krona, Swiss Franc and Thailand Baht. Tae the maist pairt, MoneyBookers' fees ais less nor PayPal's.

Donate ower the post

Ye can send donations ower the post ta Wikimedia's heid office at the follaein backin.

   Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
   200 2nd Ave S, #358
   St. Petersburg, FL 33701

For tae send donations fae ootwi the Unitit States uise an internaitional money order or a cheque that can be peyed in a United States baunk, this evites collection costs. Fremmit cheques (or ony ither sort of draucht drawn on a baunk ootwi the Unitit States micht hae processin fees abuin $50. Internaitional postal money orders peyable in the United States can be gotten in mony post offices athort the warld an will mak siccar that your hail donation gangs tae Wikimedia. Please, dinna send currency ower the post.

Disclamation: Please merk that naither this page nor ony airtin on ony Wikimedia steid airtin ye tae this page shoud be taen as a ploy tae fleetch or wheedle siller oot ye. Oor license is a warrandice that ye are, an will cairy on bein free tae uise oor content regairdless o whither or no ye can affuird a propine.