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Requests for page protection

This page is for requestin that a page, image or template be fully pertectit, create pertectit (saltit), semi-pertectit, move-pertectit, or unpertectit. Please reid up on the pertection policy. Full pertection is uised tae stap edit warrin atween multiple uisers or tae prevent vandalism tae heich-risk templates, semi-protection is uisually used anly tae prevent IP an new uiser vandalism (see the rough guide tae semi-protection), an move pertection is uised tae stap pagemove revert wars.

Efter a page haes been pertectit, the pertection is leeted in the page history an logs wi a short description indicating why it wis pertectit, an the airticle is leetit on Special:Protectedpages. Further discussion should tak place on the Talk page o the airticle. In the case o full protection due tae edit warrin, admins dae nae revert tae specific versions o the page, except tae get rid o obvious vandalism.


If ye would lik tae request a page tae be pertectit or unpertectit, please follae the follaein steps:

  1. If ye are requesting unpertection, it is almaist always a guid idea tae ask the pertectin admin first afore leetin a page here.
  2. Add a level 4 header (i.e. ==== {{lx|Example}} ====, whaur "x" staunds for the namespace) at the TAP o either the pertection or unpertection leet an place ane o the templates frae the table ablo within the heider. Please mak sure ye hae spelled the name o the airticle properly; a common error stems frae mistaken requests for the pertection o redirects, particularly capitalised anes.
  3. If ye are requestin pertection, place the type o request (full pertection, semi-pertection, move protection) an a brief reason for yer request ablo yer heider.
  4. Please dae nae add arbitrary requests for a pertection expiry time tae yer request, or request indefinite pertection arbitrarily.
    • If thare is a reason for a page tae be perotectit for a certain amoont o time, such as pertectin a uisertalk page till the uiser is unblocked, please mak this clear.
    • If ye are requestin indefinite semi-pertection, be aware that it is anly applied tae airticles wi endemic an endless vandalism problems which multiple increasin periods o temporary semi-pertection hae failed tae stap.
    • Note that different expiry times can nou be set for edit an move-protections, so an airticle can, for example, be semi-edit-pertectit for a week an full-move-pertectit indefinitely.
  5. Sign yer request wi fower tildes ~~~~ an save.
  • Note: this is nae a venue for continuin an argument frae elsewhaur. If a request contains excessive arguin, is bein uised for edit-warrin or content disputes, contains personal attacks or uncivil comments, or ony ither unrelatit discussion, it will be removed frae this page.
Namespace To request protection / unprotection Tae request pertection / unprotection
o collogue page
Article {{la|ARTICLE}} {{lat|ARTICLE}}
Template {{lt|TEMPLATE}} {{ltt|TEMPLATE}}
Wikipedia {{lw|PAGE}} {{lwt|PAGE}}
User {{lu|USER}} {{lut|USER}}
Category {{lc|CATEGORY}} {{lct|CATEGORY}}
File {{lf|FILE}} {{lft|FILE}}
Portal {{lp|PORTAL}} {{lpt|PORTAL}}
Help {{lh|HELP}} {{lht|HELP}}
MediaWiki Protected by MediaWiki
cannot be unprotected
Should not be protected
Book {{lb|BOOK}} {{lbt|BOOK}}
===={{la|Example Article Name}}====
'''Semi-pertection:''' Heich level o IP vandalism. ~~~~
===={{lt|Example Template Name}}====
'''Temporary semi-pertection:''' Heich level o IP vandalism. ~~~~
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