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Wikipedia Reference Desk
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The Wikipaedia reference desk wirks lik a library reference desk. Ye can leave a quaisten at the reference desk an Wikipaedia volunteers wirk tae help ye find the information ye need.

Afore askin a question, please try uisin the search boxes at richt tae search Wikipaedia as a whole or the Reference Desk archives. Ye can eften find the answer ye're leukin for mair quickly wi a search than bi waitin for a response.

Note: legal or medical advice is prohibited. Further information is available at Wikipaedia's legal an medical disclaimers. See an aa Medical advice guidelines.


For information on ony topic, choose a category for yer quaisten:

Computin reference desk

Entertainment reference desk

Humanities reference desk

Computers an IT Entertainment Humanities
Computin, information technology, electronics, saftware, an hairdware Sports, popular cultur, movies, muisic, video gemmes, an TV shaws History, politics, leeteratur, releegion, filosofy, law, finance, economics, airt, an society

Leid reference desk

Mathematics reference desk

Science reference desk

Leid Mathematics Science
Spellin, grammar, wird etymology, linguistics, leid uisage, an requestin translations Mathematics, geometry, probability, an statistics Biology, chemistry, pheesics, medicine, geology, ingineerin, an technology

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Miscellaneous reference desk

Reference desk archives

Travel Miscellaneous Archives
Tourism, vacations, an travel

Desk admeenistered bi Sister Project Wikivoyage (Freemit Airtin)

For quaistens that dae nae fit in ony o the ither categories Auld quaistens are archived daily

For help specific tae the operation o Wikipaedia:

Help desk

Mercat Cross

New contreibutors' help page

Help desk Mercat Cross New contributors' help page
Ask general quaistens aboot uisin Wikipaedia Ask aboot specific policies an operations o Wikipaedia A range o services tae answer newcomers' quaistens

For Wikipaedia reference information:
Help directory Citin Wikipaedia Resolvin disputes
Information an instructions on every aspect o Wikipaedia Hou tae cite Wikipaedia as a reference For resolvin issues atween uisers
Further information Wikipaedia depairtment directory

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