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Owerview[eedit soorce]

Gin ye juist read this wabsteid, nae mair information is hained nor is teepical in server logs by wabsteids.

Gin ye conteebute tae this project, ye are settin furth ilka wird ye post. Gin ye write ocht, mynd that it will be hained foriver. This includes airticles, uiser pages an collogue pages. Some leemitit exceptions is descrieved ablo.

Whan ye eedit ony page ye are identifee'd wi that eedit as its author. Gin ye are loggit in, efter makkin an accoont, ye will be identifee'd by your uiser name. This micht be yer real name, or ye micht wale a byname.

Gin ye are loggit in, ye will be identifee'd by yer netwark IP address.

It micht coud be aither deefficult or easy for a motivatit body tae connect yer netwark IP address wi yer real-life identity. Gin ye are awfu concerned aboot privacy, you micht raither log in an write uisin a byname.

Whan uisin a byname, yer IP address winna be seen binna in cases o abuiss, includin vandalism o a page by you or by anither uiser wi the same IP address. In aw cases, yer IP address will be hained an will can be seen by admeenistrators an by uisers that haes been gien "CheckUiser" access.

Wikipaedia winna sell or skare private information, sic as email addresses, wi third pairties, unless ye gree tae release this information, or it is required by law tae release the information.