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Westfield XTR2

The Westfield XTR2 is an ultralichtweight, twa-seater sports caur manufactured bi Westfield Sportscars Limited, o Wast Midlands, UK. It features a lichtweight steel tubular spaceframe chassis, an the 170 hp, 1299 cc Suzuki Hayabusa 4 cylinder ingine, matit tae a 6-speed sequential gearbox. Performance upgrades ar available. Houever, it lacks a windshield, side doors, roof, an is virtually devoid o interior luxury. As a result o this simplicity, the caur anerlie weighs atween 410-440 kilograms, dependin on configuration. Bi achievin an extremely hie pouer tae weight ratio, it haes been intendit primarily as a caur tae be uised on the race track. Houever, it is still legal for road uise ( at least in the UK). The Westfield XTR2 is a member o the Bike Engined Car or BEC class o vehicle that ar becomin very popular at Track Days.

The XTR2 made a notable appearance on the revamped version o BBC's Top Gear, where it outperformed a Pagani Zonda in a timed lap o a test track. The Zonda wis the current track time champion. Although the record haes since been surpassed bi several expensive sports caurs, it wis a foreshadowin o a future record lap time bi the Ariel Atom, anither minimalist sports caur tae which the XTR2 haes aften been compared.

The XTR2, still sold bi Westfield, haes been supplementit bi the Westfield XTR4, which affers a mair pouerful ingine, an numerous aesthetic an structural refinements.

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