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The SEiGHT (pronounced variously as S-8 or 'Sayt') is a sports caur manufactured as a kit or factory built vehicle bi Westfield Sportscars. It is based on the familiar Lotus Seven concept, creatit bi Colin Chapman, whose design philosophy wis tae strip a caur design doun tae bare essentials for the ultimate in drivin experiences. Bar a few visual differences, such as a bonnet bulge tae house the lairge ingine, it uises the same widebody chassis as the smawer ingined SEi. All SEiGHTs ar defined as such bi the pouerplant - a V8 ingine. In kit form they ar ae available frae the factory as a rollin chassis, unlike ither Westfield kits which can be bought in component form.

Pouerplant[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Rover V8 ingine pouerplant o the SEiGHT ranges frae 3.5 litre units originally sourced frae the Rover SD1 tae bored an stroked 5.2 litre units. There ar also 3.9 fuel injectit versions, which ar currently providit in the factory built vehicles an TVR Pouer ingines of 4.2 litres. On the whole the V8 is a Rover unit, an alloy block which is lichter than the cast iron blocks o mony V8s. Ane example haes been built aroond an alloy version o the Chevrolet sma block wi a displacement o 6.6 litres.

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