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Wellington Koo

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Koo Vi Kyuin or Ku Wei-chün (simplifeed Cheenese: 顾维钧; traditeeonal Cheenese: 顧維鈞; pinyin: Gù Wéijūn; Wade–Giles: Ku Wei-chün) (29 Januar 1887 – 14 November 1985), aften kent bi the Wastren name V.K. Wellington Koo, wis a prominent diplomat unner the Republic o Cheenae, representative tae the Paris Peace Conference o 1919, Ambassador tae Fraunce, Great Breetain, an the Unitit States; participant in foondin the League o Naitions an the Unitit Naitions; an judge on the Internaitional Court o Justice at the Hague frae 1957 tae 1967. Atween October 1926 an Juin 1927, while servin as Meenister o Foreign Affairs, Koo briefly held the concurrent poseetions o actin Premier an interim Preses o the Republic o Cheenae. Koo is the first an ae Cheenese heid o state kent tae uise a Wastren name publicly.