Watter jacket

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A watter jacket is a watter-filled casing surroondin a device, teepically a metal sheath haein intake an outlet vents tae allou watter tae be pumped throu an circulated. The flow o watter tae an external heating or cuilin device allows precise temperature control o the device.

Applications[eedit | eedit soorce]

Watter jackets are eften uised in watter cuilin. Thay are an aw uised in laboratory glassware, e.g. Liebig, Graham, an Allihn condensers. Watter jackets war uised tae cuil the barrels o machine guns at the time o the First Warld War, but modren machine guns are air-cuiled tae conserve wecht an hence increase portability.

In a reciprocating piston internal combustion ingine the watter jacket is a series o holes aither cast or bored throu the main cylinder block an connected bi inlet an outlet pipes tae a radiator.