War of Attrition

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War of Attrition is the fift album bi Dying Fetus. The album's leerics wur written solely bi guitarist Mike Kimball (see album buiklet). This release haes seen hie praise frae oreeginal fans due tae its return tae traditional DF form. It is an aa their 1st self-produced album in 9 years.

Umwhile co-vocalist Vince Matthews an umwhile drummer Eric Seyanga depairtit in 2005 tae form the baund Covenance. Gallagher ance again foond a new member: drummer Duane Timlin. Wi this line-up, Gallagher promised tae record wha he cawed "oor maist brutal album yet."

It is perhaps Dying Fetus' maist politeecally-influenced album, containin leerics that tackled the War on Terror, reality TV, an the flaws athin the juistice seestem. True tae DF roots, it is an aa rather violent, as richt efter the band describes their topic, they aften switch tae hou they kill their victims.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Homicidal Retribution - 5:29
  2. Fate Of The Condemned - 4:41
  3. Raping The System - 6:11
  4. Insidious Repression - 3:32
  5. Unadulterated Hatred - 4:47
  6. The Ancient Rivalry - 3:41
  7. Parasites Of Catastrophe - 4:12
  8. Obsolete Deterrence - 4:13

Line Up[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • John Gallagher: Guitars/vocals
  • Mike Kimball: Guitars
  • Sean Beasley: Bass/vocals
  • Duane Timlin: Drums

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