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Walsall Wood is a dounset locatit in the Metropolitan Borough o Walsall, Wast Midlands, UK, atween Aldridge an Brownhills.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the late-18t century an early-19t century, the wirkers o Walsall Wood wur primarily involved in the minin o limestane. In 1864, the population o the dounset expandit as Walsall Wood Colliery wis opened,[1] as well as anither colliery in near-bi Shelfield. The Walsall Wood Colliery purchased the Pelsall Colliery frae Pelsall Coal & Iron Co. in 1894.[2] The openin o the Walsall Wood Colliery saw the establishment o the first public services, includin a polis station an a post office. The mine wis closed in 1964 when the supply o accessible coal haed been exhaustit: In 2010 a memorial pitheid designed bi Luke Perry wis erectit tae commemorate the veelage's minin heritage.

St John's Kirk in Walsall Wood wis constructit in 1837 at a cost o £1,200. The kirk, wi its quadrangular touer, is in the Gothic style, whilst the parsonage hoose is in the Elizabethan style. The kirk is constructit oot o blue brick wi stane dressins an haes a capacity o 400.[3]

Local Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

Walsall Wood is pairt o the Aldridge North an Walsall Wood ward, in the Aldridge-Brownhills constituency, the MP o which is presently Richard Shepherd (Conservative). The aurie is representit bi three Conservative councillors, Keith Sears, Anthony Harris an Mike Flower.

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

Shire Oak Schuil is locatit in Walsall Wood an haed the seivent best GCSE results in the borough for 2006.[4]

Sports, recreation an entertainment[eedit | eedit soorce]

Oak Pairk is a recreation centre in Walsall Wood consistin o twa soummin puils, an astro-turf fitbaa pitch, an ither sportin facilities. Walsall Wood F.C. is a fitbaa club competin in the Midland Combination Premier Diveesion. Thay play thair hame gemmes at thair grund locatit at Oak Pairk.

Thare is an on-steid KFC restaurant locatit richt next tae the pairkin o the facility. Ower the road frae Oak Pairk is a Fitness First gym, an several shops includin a fish an chip shop.

Walsall Wood leebrar is locatit in the umwhile Neighbourhuid Office biggin at the junction o Coppice Road an Lichfield Road. This replaces the umwhile leebrar biggin on Lichfield Road.

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