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Foondit1904; 113 years ago (as Waite, Rose & Taylor)[1]
1908; 109 years ago (as Waitrose Ltd.)
FoonderWallace Waite, Arthur Rose, David Taylor[2]
HeidquartersBracknell, Berkshire, Unitit Kinrick
Nummer o locations
Increase 353[3]
Area served
Great Britain[4]
Key fowk
Rob Collins, Managing Director
Tom Athron, Finance Director
ServicesSupermercats Online shappin
RevenueIncrease £5,400.4 million[5]
Increase £173.5 million[5]
Increase £123.3 million
AwnerJohn Lewis Partnership
Nummer o employees
Increase91,000 (JLP)[3]
ParentJohn Lewis Partnership

Waitrose is a cheen o Breetish supermercats, which forms the fuid retail diveesion o Breetain's lairgest employee-awned retailer, the John Lewis Partnership.

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