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Wab brouser

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A wab brouser (aften juist cried a brouser) is a saftware application for accessing information on the Warld Wide Wab. Whan a uiser instructs the brouser tae request a wab address fae a particular wabsteid, the brouser gets the needit file fae the wab server, gin the file is a wab page then the brouser shaws it on the uiser's machine.

Wab brousers are uised on a range o devices, includin personal computers, tablets, an smairtphones. In 2019, an estimatit 4.3 billion people uised a wab brouser.[1] The maist used brouser is Google Chrome wae 64% o the global mercat share athort aw devices, follaed bi Safari wae 18%.[2]

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