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Location o Vallès athin the autonomous commonty o Catalonie (1936-2015).

El Vallès (or simply Vallès) is a historical coonty in Catalonie, Spain, locatit in the centre o the Catalan Pre-coastal range. It is nouadays representit bi twa separate admeenistrative diveesions which are pairt o the Province o Barcelona, namit comarques. Ane o thaim is the Wastren Vallès, which haes twa caipitals, Sabadell an Terrassa, whareas the seicont comarca is the Eastren Vallès, wi Granollers as its caipital.

The present diveesion o Vallès haes its historical ruits in the legal destricts o Granollers an Terrassa, established in 1834. Housomeivver, the first time this subdiveesion wis explicitly uised as sanctioned bi law wis in 1936, wi the offeecial diveesion o Catalonie in comarques. Some pairts o this region belang tae the Barcelona metropolitan aurie an the Àmbit Metropolità de Barcelona, an is nouadays connectit wi Barcelona wi public transportations seestems such as FGC's so-cried Metro del Vallès.

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Coordinates: 41°33′52.56″N 2°15′27.68″E / 41.5646000°N 2.2576889°E / 41.5646000; 2.2576889