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Tyrifjorden map Utøya highlight.png
Detailed cairt o Tyrifjorden, wi Utøya encircled in reid
Utøya is locatit in Norawa
Location Tyrifjorden
Coordinates 60°01′25″N 010°14′53″E / 60.02361°N 10.24806°E / 60.02361; 10.24806Coordinates: 60°01′25″N 010°14′53″E / 60.02361°N 10.24806°E / 60.02361; 10.24806
Aurie 0.106 km2 (0.041 sq mi)

Utøya (Norse pronunciation: [ˈʉːtœʏɑ] ( listen)) is an island in the Tyrifjorden loch in Hole municipality, in the coonty o Buskerud, Norawa. The island is 10.6 hectares (26 acres),[1] situatit 500 metres (1,600 ft) off the shore, bi the E16 road, aboot 20 km (12 mi) drivin distance sooth o Hønefoss, an 38 km (24 mi) northwast o Oslo ceety centre.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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