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Coordinates: 05°40′05″N 73°01′50″E / 5.66806°N 73.03056°E / 5.66806; 73.03056Coordinates: 05°40′05″N 73°01′50″E / 5.66806°N 73.03056°E / 5.66806; 73.03056
Admeenistrative atollNorthren Maalhosmadulhu Atoll
Distance tae Malé173.39 km (107.74 mi)
 • Island ChiefAb Nasir.
 • Length0.775 km (0.482 mi)
 • Width0.450 km (0.280 mi)
 • Total1,501 (includin furriners)
Time zoneUTC+05:00 (MST)

Ungoofaaru (Dhivehi: އުނގޫފާރު) is the caipital o Northern Maalhosmadulhu Atoll. It is locatit on the eastren rim o this atoll an is the location for Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital, the lairgest hospital in the Northren Province.

Follaein the 2004 tsunami, the residents o the devastatit Kandholhudhoo island wur muivit intae temporary accommodation on Ungoofaaru, afore being rehoosit on nearbi Dhvuvaafaaru in 2008.

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