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Ulla Anttila

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Ulla Mari Ainikki Anttila (born December 13, 1963) is a Finnish politeecian an a umwhile member o Finnish Pairlament, representin the Green League. She wis first electit tae the pairlament in 1991 an left the pairlament 2007. She is a member o the ceety cooncil o Vantaa (1985–1996, 2005-) an aw.

Anttila wis born in Helsinki, Finland. She haes a Maister's degree in Social psychologie frae the University o Helsinki. She is marriet tae Tero Taponen. They hae twa childer, Alli (b. 1994) and Taru (b. 1997).

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(in Finnish) Offeecial Wabsteid o Ulla Anttila Archived 2005-05-03 at the Wayback Machine