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Gaun yersel son, we'r no fasht ("on you go man, we're not bothered" ;-) Seriously, that would be useful, thanks for that — Mendor 20:25, 2 Augist 2005 (UTC)

OK, consider it done.. Fun thing is that I have been browsing around this wiki for an hour or so now, and I'm starting to learn to read Scottish.. ;-) It's not as hard as it seems. Moribunt 20:30, 2 Augist 2005 (UTC)
Well, it is in the same category of languages as Dutch, English and German and you speak all three of those so you should start picking up some similarities. A couple of nice easy ones (Dutch to Scots) to start you off would be Kerk --> Kirk, Snell --> Snell. I think you can upgrade your upgrade your language status from sco-0 to sco-1 at least. Actually, I am continually in awe at Dutch people's language skills. I once worked with a Dutch guy in Madrid who learned Spanish quite quickly with nothing more than a lonely planet phrase book and having to argue with taxi drivers who liked to give you the scenic tour rather than take you direct. --Colin Angus Mackay 19:10, 3 Augist 2005 (UTC)
I'm starting to get the idea, but upgrading to sco-1 will take some time. I started on this wiki by putting a congratulation on "Gaun on the nou", thinking that would be the "pub" or "village pump"... Later I realised the expression "the nou" being "now", so "Gaun on the nou" must be "Going on now"... (correct me if I'm wrong... ;-) But in general Dutch kids take at least 2 years of English, 1 year German and 1 year French in school. Most of them take English at least another year, and one of the other languages another year.. I took 4 years English, 2 German and 2 French. And as a computer-nerd many of my communication is in English. Recent studies have proved however that the language skills of the Dutch is a little bit like an Urban legend, we tend to be very sloppy in our effort to speak many languages. BTW I tend to answer to messages on pages where the message appear, not on a user's own talk-page. I'm not sure whether this is according to the Scots way of talking... Moribunt 20:32, 3 Augist 2005 (UTC)