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Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge

Guid morn/efternuin/een tae ane an aw! A'm fae Embra. A work on this wikipedia an on ither anes (mainly Inglis, Frainsh an German).

A aften dae wirk on the leid uised on this wikipedia. Here is a leet o wirds fur chyngin:

maist important: not>-nae, no can not>canna(e) did not>didna etc church>kirk give>gie, gave>gied whole>hale down>doun/doon leaves>leafs etc stream>burn remember>mind more>mair home>hame most>maist yellow>yellae old>auld family>faimily foot>fit to>tae well>weel wrong>wrang until>til between>atween from>f(r)ae full>fou what>whit whole>hale given>gien gave>gied such as>like which>that off>aff narrow>narra broad>braid none>nane hundred>hunner yellow>yellae belaw, below>ablo fox>tod slow>slaw who>wha whose>whase oak>aik birch>birk larch>larick months>month etc (whan there a nummer aforehaun) pigeon, dove>dou upright>upricht dust>stour dare>daur badger>brock when>whan an aa x>x an aa twilight>gloamin, dayligaun, daurkenin, mirkenin upside down>tapsalteerie dirty>clarty drop>drap

ithers: much>a fair bit/hantle worst>warst hope>howp star>starn climb>clim join>jyne spouse/spoose>marrae enough>eneuch nearly>naurhaund lairge>muckle build>bigg these>thir lairgely>mainly ootside>ootby 2 ootwi each>ilk there are>there (is) sometimes>whiles, bytimes warldwide>the warld ower eventually>hinderly steep>brent dounhill>doun the hill, doun the brae sldie>scly etc rapidly>swith etc failure>failyie exclusively>alanerly backbone>rigbane title>teetle shirt>sark wool>oo cup>tass blacksmith>bruntie, birnewin embroider>floorish petticoat>juip carpenter>wricht wirk harness>harnish deserve>deser purse>spleuchan, spung, pootch serve>ser broom>besom furniture>pleinishin/inspraich/ especially>inspecially evertheless>naetheless, housamiver confusion>confuision, baise, gurrie, foorach translucent>leamin brittle>brickle stiff>stieve (phys obj) probably>belike fale>fauch, etc Transparent>skyre, clear flow (n)>pirr sharp>jaggie, shairp border, rim >rand greasy>creashie( fat), glittie flexible>dwamfle, dweible, lingel, souple, wamfle weak>waik etc poison>pushion thorough>sevendible sensitivity, tenderness>neshness unlike>unalike goat>gait seedling>settin tough>teuch etc sharp>snell (taste), crush>grush sword>swuird float>fleet target>prap crop>crap speckle>maisle huddle>crull shrub>scrog bark, bairk>baurk contain>conteen great nummer>gey hantle -ish (colours)>-ochie resovle (issue) >redd up sour, acid (taste)>shilp cautious>caitious likely>like eneuch push>pouss dirt>dryte pond>stank cliff>clint womb>wame foam>faem donkey>cuddie poppy>puppie hind>hint pounce>punce be pregnant>biggen bear>beir harbour>reset (v) livestock>fermstock hindquarters>hurdies hind>hint pant>pech sweat>sweit sharp>shairp describe>descrive dabble>daible rub>screenge (v) crevice>clift hollow>howe furthermore>mair atouer cottage>cot (illness>ailin) command>commaund groove>raut (p. rit) owerthrow, overthrow>ding doun elsewhaur>itherwhaur occupation>thrift Jack of all trades>orraman, pauchler? chaotic>tapsalteerie, throuither stability>stabeelity excessive>nimious eventually>hinderly share>skare meanwhile>atween hauns custom>haunt, prattick cloth>claith cushion>cushin copper>capper vague>wheetie-whattie, doutsom husband>guidman trade>tred expand>wax, rax collapse>foonder, come in authority, control, command, oversight etc>owerins rob, plunder>revie outlet>ootlat, affgang worth>wirth depth>deepth innovative>new-fangelt particular(ly)>parteecular morose>dowie, stroundge, glumpy, still shine>sheen lump>daud, knap, lab predict>predeect (sci), spae (prophecy) mistake>mistak decrease>lawer boost>forder (verb) increase>accresse issue (weans)>bairntime