Uiser:John Mathewson

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Is a chiel bairned in Elgin in 1962, an raxed an scailed i Sudron, an as sic hae an unco swack o Scots: ilka simmer frae 9 til 18 wis in a ferm in the Rhinns o Gallowa, an ilka simmer frae 18 til 32 wis in a ferm in Sooth Ronaldsay. An aal his calf towmonds wis spakkin wi his faither in the leid. His faither (fae Angus) wis gaithered in 2018, an his mither, bairned in Sudro oot o an Inglis mither an a faither fae Rothesay didnae hae the Scots.

He warked a way in a buikshop in Causeway Side in Embro, an eftir than aal ower (Scotland, Sudron, Maist o Europe, Egypt, Israel, UAE, KSA, USA) in scails an universitars.

He has a Bachelor's degree fae Durham i Philosophie an aa extras, a Maister's fae Southron Illinois Universitar at Carbondale i Linguistics, an anither Maister's fae Abertay Universitar (Dundee Tech.) that sud be in "I.T." but wis mair i the way o gutterin aboot as maist o the ridgouns kent mair than the dominies.

He bydes i Bulgaria (his wife i fae those airts) qhair he is a dominie in his ain scail fae Sundron an computer programmin. He spaks French, Bulgarian and Sudron.

He is a computer programmer haein baith tred programs an in-hoose confections tae his name.

Aiblins, ge'en the fact that Scots is no a leid Ding an Sich, mair a faimly o dialecks wi no standard leid an a swack o dictionars fillt wi vocable o aa sairts, this projeck mucht be nae mair than a wraith.

sco-3This uiser can contreibute wi a heich level o Scots.