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My Scots[eedit | eedit soorce]

My Scots sucks.. (is non-existant a better phase?) but I am trying to learn. As a mainly spoken language passed down from the knee of your elders, the language amazes me. That kind of heritatage and history is truely wonderful (and even when it isn't coming out of Sean Connery's mouth, it is still a beautiful language in its own right). A language whose writen form make the Unitit States concept of "hooked on phonics" seem silly in that how it is spelled is exactly how it is said. Accent included. Brilliant.

I am trying to learn, but with languages I am slow.. I'm old, it happens. Word bi word I am starting tae try an get up to the level o Scots Inglish, an then on to real Scots. One step at a time. One phrase after the other, one word followed bi the next.

I know better than to actualy edit real airticles. But what I can contribute (contreebute?) is the skills o a top notch wiki-gnome an complete cat freak with a lot o experience as an admin on a smaller wiki.

My skills[eedit | eedit soorce]

I am a bureaucrat, checkuser and admin on the wiki (you think Scots is bad? At least you have people who grew up learning Scots in whatever way, SE is a constructed language so there are no native speakers). My javascript skills suck, my CSS is marginial, but my wikimarkup is great. Templates and tables, them I can beat into submission and make them all pretty. (I'm a cross breeded wiki-gnome/wiki-fairie). On categories I truely shine. One problem here is the actual translation for cat names and I try to avoid stepping into areas where I am uncertain on the correct term (Inglish fowk is easy, but Erse folk or Republic of Ireland fowk? specifically for fowk from the kintra and not including Breetish fowk from Northren Ireland..) The general category structure is the same from one leid to the other, but the actual names get to be tricky. This is more the case on small wikis where the cat tree does not need to be as all encompasing as en:wp's.

I've been an admin since the end of 2006, a checkuser since early 2007 and a B'crat since early 2008. I know the tools, and I know the general rules (and IAR when needed) that all follow. One day I do expect to apply for admin here, in some "my scots sucks, but I can deal with basic maintenance duties" capacity. Obvious trolls and clear cases of vandalism only. With Checkuser access, this expands to protection from open proxies from crosswiki vandals who use smaller wikis as launching points to their real targets. I noticed several in the User list here and one in particular (User:simple11 - comments on the RfA page from months ago) who I have actually had to directly deal with their ISPs to end their cross-wiki trolling.

I lack a lot in language skills. I acknowledge this. I am trying my best to learn. On the other side, I bring a lot in the maintenance and nearly bot-like 1 busy-work to clean up issues and deal with the day to day.