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B trumpet
Bress instrument


Hornbostel–Sachs classification423.233
(Valved aerophone
bi lip movement)
Playin range
Written range:
Relatit instruments
Flugelhorn, cornet, bugle,
natural trumpet, bass trumpet,
post horn, Roman tuba,
bucina, shofar, conch,
lur, didgeridoo,
piccolo trumpet, baritone horn,
pocket trumpet

A trumpet is a muisical instrument. It is the heichest register in the brass faimily. Trumpets are amang the auldest musical instruments,[1] datin back tae at least 1500 BC. Thay are played bi blawin air through closed lips, producin a "buzzin" soond that stairts a staundin wave vibration in the air column inside the instrument. Syne the late 15t century thay hae primarily been constructit o brass tubin, uisually bent twice intae a roondit oblong shape.

Thare are several types o trumpet. The maist common is a transposin instrument pitched in B wi a tubin length o aboot 148 cm. Earlier trumpets did nae hae valves, but modren instruments generally hae either three piston valves or, mair rarely, three rotary valves. Each valve increases the length o tubin when engaged, tharebi lawerin the pitch.

A muisician who plays the trumpet is cried a trumpet player or trumpeter.

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