Tristan und Isolde

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Tristan und Isolde
Muisic drama bi Richard Wagner
Ludwig an Malvina Schnorr von Carolsfeld as Tristan an Isolde in the first performance, conductit bi Hans von Bülow
LibrettistRichard Wagner
Based onTristan
bi Gottfried von Strassburg
Premiere10 Juin 1865 (1865-06-10)
Königliches Hof- und Nationaltheater, Munich

Tristan und Isolde (Tristan an Isolde, or Tristan an Isolda, or Tristran an Ysolt) is an opera, or muisic drama, in three acts bi Richard Wagner tae a German libretto bi the componer, based lairgely on the romance bi Gottfried von Strassburg. It wis componed atween 1857 an 1859 an premiered at the Königliches Hof- und Nationaltheater in Munich on 10 Juin 1865 wi Hans von Bülow conductin. Wagner referred tae the wirk nae as an opera, but cried it "eine Handlung" (leeterally a drama, a plot or an action), which wis the equivalent o the term uised bi the Spaingie playwright Calderón for his dramas.