Tourin caur racin

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Tourin caur racin
Heichest govrenin bodyFIA, DMSB an mony mair
Team membersYes
Mixed genderYes
VenueRoad an street courses

Tourin caur racin is a motorsport road racin competeetion wi hivily modifee'd road-goin caurs. It is popular in Argentinae, Australie, New Zealand, Brazil, Breetain, Germany, Swaden an Norawa. It haes baith similarities tae an significant differences frae stock caur racin which is popular in the Unitit States.

Whilk no as fast as Formula Ane, the similarity o the caurs baith tae ilk ither an tae fans' awn vehicles maks for enterteenin, well-supportit racin. The lesser uise o aerodynamics means follaein caurs hae a muckle easier time passin than in F1, an the mair substantial bouks o the caurs maks the subtle bumpin an nudgin for owertakin muckle mair acceptable as pairt o racin.

As well as short "sprint" races, mony tourin caur series include ane or mair endurance races, which last onything frae 3 tea 24 oors an are a test o reliability an pit crews as muckle as caur, driver speed, an consistency.

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