Torridon Hills

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Torridon Hills
The Torridons from the Shieldaig Peninsula.jpg
The Torridon hills, viewed frae the Shieldaig peninsula.
Map shawin the location o Torridon Hills
Map shawin the location o Torridon Hills
Location in the Hieland o Scotland
LocationNorthwast Hielands, Scotland, UK
OS gridNG895565
Coordinates57°32′56″N 5°31′12″W / 57.549°N 5.520°W / 57.549; -5.520Coordinates: 57°32′56″N 5°31′12″W / 57.549°N 5.520°W / 57.549; -5.520

The Torridon Hills surroond Torridon veellage in the Northwast HielandsScotland. The name is usual appleed tae the moontains tae the north o Glen Torridon. They are among the most dramatic an spectacular peaks in the Breetish Isles an makt o some o the auldest rocks in the warld. Many are iver 3000 feet hie, so are considered Munros.

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