Torridon Hills

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Torridon Hills
The Torridons from the Shieldaig Peninsula.jpg
The Torridon hills, viewed from the Shieldaig peninsula.
Torridon Hills is locatit in Hieland
Torridon Hills
Torridon Hills
Torridon Hills shawn within Hieland
OS grid reference NG895565
Coordinates 57°32′56″N 5°31′12″W / 57.549°N 5.520°W / 57.549; -5.520Coordinates: 57°32′56″N 5°31′12″W / 57.549°N 5.520°W / 57.549; -5.520
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The Torridon Hills surroond Torridon veellage in the Northwast HielandsScotland. The name is usual appleed tae the moontains tae the north o Glen Torridon. They are among the most dramatic an spectacular peaks in the Breetish Isles an makt o some o the auldest rocks in the warld. Many are iver 3000 feet hie, so are considered Munros.

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