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Toronto van attack

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2018 Toronto van incident
Incident location is located in Toronto
Incident location
Incident location
Incident location (Toronto)
Incident location is located in Canadae
Incident location
Incident location
Incident location (Canadae)
Date23 Apryle 2018 (2018-04-23)
Time1:30pm EDT
LocationNorth York Ceety Centre, North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canadae
Non-fatal injures15
SuspectsAlek Minassian[1]

On Apryle 23, 2018, a white rental van collided wi pedestrians in North York Ceety Centre in North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canadae, killin 10 an woundin 15 ithers.[2] The driver o the van, 25-year-auld Alex Minassian, wis arrestit aboot 30 meenits later.[3] Minassian wis incel.[4]

Minassian wis incel.


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