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Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry teetle caird (1946–54) for the MGM Hanna-Barbera shorts.
Directit biWilliam Hanna (1940–58)
Joseph Barbera(1940–58)
Gene Deitch (1961–62)
Chuck Jones (1963–67)
Maurice Noble (1964–67)
Abe Levitow (1965–67)
Tom Ray (1966–67)
Ben Washam (1966–67)
Produced biRudolf Ising (1940)
Fred Quimby (1940–55)
William Hanna (1955–58)
Joseph Barbera (1955–58)
William L. Snyder (1961–62)
Chuck Jones (1963–67)
Walter Bien (1963–65)
Les Goldman (1963–67)
Earl Jonas (1965–67)
Written biWilliam Hanna (1940–58)
Joseph Barbera (1940–58)
Gene Deitch (1961–62)
Eli Bauer (1961–62)
Larz Bourne (1961–62)
Michael Maltese (1963–67)
Jim Pabian (1965)
Bob Ogle (1966–67)
John W. Dunn (1965–67)
Muisic biScott Bradley (1940–58)
Edward Plumb (1953)
Stěpan Koniček (1961–62)
Eugene Poddany (1963–67)
Carl Brandt (1966–67)
Dean Elliott (1966–67)
Distributit biMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (1940–1996)
Turner Entertainment Co. (1986–current)
Warner Bros. Entertainment (1996–current)
Release date
1940–67 (161 shorts)
Rinnin time
Approx. 6–10 minutes (per short)
KintraUnitit States
BudgetApprox. US $30,000–75,000 (per short; Hanna-Barbera era)
US $10,000 (per short; Deitch era)
US $42,000 (per short; Jones era)

Tom an Jerry is an American animatit series o short films creatit in 1940, bi William Hanna an Joseph Barbera. It centres on a rivalry atween its twa teetle characters, Tom Cat an Jerry Mouse, an mony recurrin chairacters, based aroond slapstick comedy.