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Huaxtec statue o Tlazolteotl frae Mexico, 900-1521 CE (British Museum, id:Am1989,Q.3 )

In Aztec meethologie, Tlazolteotl (or Tlaçolteotl, Nahuatl pronunciation: [tɬasoɬˈteotɬ]) is a goddess o purification, steam bath, midwives, filth, an a patroness o adulterers. In Nahuatl, the wird tlazolli can refer tae vice an diseases. Thus, Tlazolteotl wis a goddess o filth (sin), vice, an sexual misdeeds. Housomeivver, she wis a purification goddess as well, who forgave the sins an disease o those caused bi misdeeds, pairticularly sexual misdeeds.[1] Her dual natur is seen in her epithets; Tlaelquani ('she who eats filth [sin]') an Tlazolmiquiztli ('the daith caused bi lust'), an Ixcuina or Ixcuinan ('she o twa faces').[2][3] Unner the designation o Ixcuinan she wis thocht tae be plural in nummer an fower sisters o different ages bi the names; Tiacapan (the first born), Teicu (the younger sister), Tlaco (the middle sister) an Xocotzin (the youngest sister).[4]

Her son wis Centeotl an she wis kent as Toci an aw. She presides ower the 13t trecena o the sacred 260-day year. Anither son is Yum Kaax, the Maya maize god.[5]

Aztec releegion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tlazolteotl mey hae oreeginally been a Huaxtec goddess frae the Guwf Coast.[6] In the Aztec releegion thare wur twa main deities thocht tae preside ower confession; Tezcatlipoca, acause he wis thocht tae be invisible an omnipresent, seein iverything, an Tlazolteotl, the goddess o lechery an unlawful love.[7] It is said that whan a man confessed afore Tlazolteotl iverything wis revealed. Confession tae Tlazolteotl wad be done throu a priest but, unlike the Christian practice, it happened anerlie ance durin a man's lifetime.

Accordin tae Aztec belief, it wis Tlazolteotl who inspired vicious desires, an who likewise forgave an cleaned awa the defilement o sin.[8] She wis thocht tae cause disease an aw, especially sexually transmitit disease. It wis said that Tlazolteotl an her companions wad afflict fowk wi disease if they indulgit thairsels in forbidden love.[9] The uncleanliness wis considered baith on a pheesical an moral level; an coud be cured bi steam-bath, a rite o purification, or cawin upon Tlazolteteo, the goddesses o love an desires.[10]

Festival[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tlazolteotl wis ane o the primar Aztec deities celebratit in the festival o "Ochpaniztli" (meanin "sweepin") that wis held September 2–21 tae recognise the harvest saison. The ceremonies conductit durin this timeframe includit ritual cleanin, sweepin, an repairin; as well as the castin o corn seed, dances, an militar ceremonies.[11]

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