Tishie (biology)

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Cross section o sclerenchyma fibers in plant grund tishie

In Biology, tishie is a cellular organizational level intermediate atween cells an a complete organism. A tishie is an ensemble o seemilar cells frae the same origin that thegither carry oot a specific function. Organs are then furmed bi the functional groupin thegither o multiple tishies.

The study o tishie is kent as histology or, in connection wi disease, histopathology. The classical tuils for studyin tishies are the paraffin block in which tishie is embeddit an then sectioned, the histological stain, an the optical microscope. In the last couple o decades, developments in electron microscopy, immunofluorescence, an the uise o frozen tishie sections hae enhanced the detail that can be observed in tishies. Wi these tuils, the classical appearances o tishies can be examined in health an disease, enablin considerable refinement o clinical diagnosis an prognosis.