Tidbury Green

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Tidbury Green is a veelage an ceevil pairish athin the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull in the coonty o Wast Midlands in Ingland.[1]

It is a comparatively modren settlement biggit durin the 20t century.

Efter the Seicont Warld War it haed a thrivin Vegetable Growers Association.

In 1995 a new schuil replacin the umwhile dilapidatit biggins at Tidbury Green Schuil, wis biggit, includin a veelage haw, which is a centre uised for mony different local groups an clubs.

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Coordinates: 52°22′50″N 1°51′14″W / 52.3806°N 1.8538°W / 52.3806; -1.8538