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Cameo o Sir Thomas Miller, 1789, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Sir Thomas Miller, 1st Baronet FRSE (1717–1789), kent as Lord Barskimming (1766–88) an Lord Glenlee (frae 1788) during his judicial service, wis a Scots advocate, juidge, politeecian an landowner. He wis a foonder member o the Ryal Society o Edinburgh in 1783, an served as the Society's first Vice-President, 1783 tae 1786.[1]

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wis born in Edinburgh on 3 November 1717 the seicond son o William Miller o Glenlee WS, Kirkcudbrightshire, an o Barskimming in Ayrshire, an his wife, Janet Hamilton.

He studied law at the Varsity o Glesga (1730) an the Varsity o Edinburgh (1738).[2]

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wis admitted tae the Faculty o Advocates in 1742, appynted sheriff-depute o Kirkcudbright in 1748 an elected jynt toun-clerk o the ceetie o Glesga. In 1755 he resigned the office o sheriff-depute tae become solicitor o the Excise in Scotland. He wis appynted Solicitor General for Scotland in 1759, an promoted tae Lord Advocate in 1760. Frae 1762 until 1764 he awso held the title o Rector o Glesga Varsity.

He wis Member o Pairlament for Dumfries Burghs frae 1761 tae 1766, an Rector o the Varsity o Glesga frae 1763. He wis raised tae the bench an appynted Lord Justice Clerk in 1766, taking the judicial title Lord Barskimming. In 1788, he became Lord President o the Coort o Session an wis creatit Lord Glenlee, Baronet o Glenlee, in the Stewartry o Kirkcudbright.[3]

His Edinburgh address in 1775 wis Browns Square.[4] Aroond 1780 he bought the Dean estate, o Nisbet faimly fame, an lived at Dean Hoose (later replaced bi Dean Seemetry).[5]

He deed at Barskimming, Ayrshire, on 27 September 1789 an wis interred in the faimly vault at Stair, Ayrshire.

Faimily[eedit | eedit soorce]

He married ae: in 1752 to Margaret Murdoch dochter o John Murdoch o Rosebank, Lord Provost o Glesga[6] an in 1768 tae Anne Lockhart.

His children incluided Sir William Miller, Lord Glenlee (1755-1846) bi his first wife.[7]

He wis brither tae Patrick Miller o Dalswinton.

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