Third Lanark A.C.

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Cathkin Park, Crosshill, Glasgow
Cathkin Park, Crosshill

Third Lanark Athletic Club wis a fitbaw club that originally existed frae 1872 to 1967, based in Glasgae, Scotland. Third Lanark wur kent as Thirds, the Warriors, the Redcoats or the Hi-Hi (the latter owing to the "Hi Hi Hi!" chant frae their fans).

Originally ane o the great clubs o early Scots Fitbaa, Third Lanark wur far frae being the first major Scots fitbaw club to be declared bankrupt an dissolved (umwhile Scots Cup winners Renton & their neighbours Vale o Leven suffered similar fates - although the latter wur resurrected as a Junior side later), but their demise wis considered a shock, because, in the 1960-61 season, they haed finished third in the championship division, scoring 100 goals in the process .

The club wur reformed as an amateur side in 1971, an currently play in Division 3 o the Greater Glasgae Amateur League.

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