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The Trial

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The Trial (oreeginal German teetle: Der Process,[1] later as Der Prozess an Der Prozeß) is a novelle written bi Franz Kafka in 1914 an 1915 but nae publishit till 1925. Ane o Kafka's baist-kent warks, it tells the story o a man arrestit an prosecutit bi a remote, inaccessible authority, wi the naitur o his creeme revealed tae neither him nor the reader.

Lik Kafka's ither novels, The Trial wis never completit, altho it daes include a chapter which brings the story tae an end. Acause o this thair are certain inconsistencies which exist within the novelle, such as disparities in timin in addition tae ither discontinuities in narration.[citation needit]

Efter Kafka's daith in 1924, his friend an leeterar executor Max Brod editit the text for publication.[2]

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  1. Kafka himself always uised the spellin Process; Max Brod, an later ither publishers, chynged it tae the staundart spellin Prozess. See Faksimile Edition an the discussion at de:Diskussion:Franz Kafka/Archiv#Prozeß vs. Proceß an de:Diskussion:Der Process#Schreibweise und Artikelname.
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