The Thick of It

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The Thick of It
The Thick of It title.jpg
Genre Comedy
Poleetical satire
Creautit bi Armando Iannucci
Written bi Jesse Armstrong
Simon Blackwell
Roger Drew
Sean Gray
Armando Iannucci
Ian Martin
Will Smith
Tony Roche
Starnin Peter Capaldi
Chris Langham
Rebecca Front
Chris Addison
Joanna Scanlan
James Smith
Polly Kemp
Roger Allam
Will Smith
Olivia Poulet
Vincent Franklin
Geoffrey Streatfeild
Ben Willbond
Rebecca Gethings
Kintra o oreegin Unitit Kinrick
Oreeginal leid(s) Inglis
No. o series 4
No. o episodes 23 (Leet o episodes)
Producer(s) Adam Tandy
Lenth 30 meenits
Oreeginal network BBC Four (Series 1, 2 an Specials)
BBC Two/BBC HD (Series 3 an 4)
Pictur format 16:9 1080i
Audio format Stereo
Oreeginal release 19 Mey 2005 (2005-05-19) – 27 October 2012 (2012-10-27)
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The Thick of It is a Breetish comedy televeesion series that satirises the inner wirkins o modren Breetish govrenment.