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The Narrow began in 2002, an idea spawned bi Emile (Guitars), Jow (Bass Guitar), Sid (Guitars) an Lias (Drummer). Lackin a vocalist at this stage it made sense tae bring in Hanu. Hanu an Emile de Jong, wur lead vocalist an lead guitarist respectively for the Sooth African rock baund “Not My Dog” an it wis an obvious choice tae continue this collaboration in Sooth Africae. Syne formin The Narrow, the baund vera quickly developed thair awn soond an identity whilst retainin elements o thair roots.

The baund received wide support for thair debut Self Conscious, which spawned 4 singles in Sooth Africae. The album wis voted best rock album an wis nominated for a SAMA (South African Muisic Awaird). Reviews, articles an interviews in the SA Media hae echoed this sentiment. Due tae the popularity o ‘Self Conscious’, The Narrow decidit tae gie the album a face lift in September 2005, it made sense tae include tracks that war initially left off the first release. The re-release haes nou been re-mastered wi new artwork, twa extra bonus tracks an twa muisic videos o thair sangs The Banded an Push Up The Level.

In Juin 2003 whilst ‘Self Conscious’ wis at its peak, slowly bringin the baund oot o cult status an intae the rock arena, guitarist ‘Sid’ haed tae leave the baund for personal reasons an wis replaced bi Deon Kruger who wis already kent in Sooth Africae as an experienced session guitarist. Deon’s influence can be felt wi the next album Travellers givin his awn feel tae this establisht Pretoria baund.

The release o the album Travellers exceedit aw expectations an due tae the extra tracks that wur released on an EP cawed Split an the success o the single The Living Daylights, the baund decidit tae release a special edition o the album wi a tot o 20 tracks includin the new single Crash Through.

Haein gained a reputation as a live baund wi serious energy an professionalism – heidlinin amaist ivery major festival, the baund went aff tae Europe in August 2005 tae play alangside the likes o Korn an Marilyn Manson at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium.

Live performances sic as at the TUKS Rag festival wur aaways coupled wi vigorous energy an hivy - rock an roll. Various negotiations are nou takin place tae secure the best internaitional deal. Ane o thair sangs "Lonely Sunday Morning" wis votit the best sang ever on campus radio an is still vera popular amangst the Afrikaner community.

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Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 2003 Self Conscious
  • 2004 Travellers
  • 2004 Split
  • 2005 Travellers Special edition
  • 2006 Sharing The Turbulence
  • 2010 Definitively Recycled
  • 2010 You Don't Get to Quit[1]

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