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The Fort (shoppin centre)

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The Fort Shoppin Centre
The Fort in 2009
LocationGlesga, Scotland
Coordinates55°52′16″N 4°08′12″W / 55.87122°N 4.1367°W / 55.87122; -4.1367Coordinates: 55°52′16″N 4°08′12″W / 55.87122°N 4.1367°W / 55.87122; -4.1367
AddressGlasgow Fort, Junction 10 M8
Appenin date2004
DeveloperPillar Property plc and Capital & Regional plc
AwnerBritish Land
AirchitectCooper Cromar
No. o stores an services93
No. o anchor tenants5
Tot retail fluir aurie506,218 sq ft (47,029.2 m2)
Pairkin2,600 spaces

The Fort (Offícially: Glasgow Fort | Scots: Glesga Fort) is a muckle 'oot o toun' shoppin an leisure centre fund in Glesga, Scotland, juist aff Junction 10 on the M8 motorway thit rins tae the sooth, surroondit bi the hoosin places o Provanhall, Garthamlock an Easterhoose. It appent in 2004, biggit on land thit haed been pairt o Auchinlea Park (umwhile the site o twa quarries) thit's still thare on its immediate east.


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The concept by the common whan pit agin ither local oot o toun schemes sic as Braeheid an Silverburn. The Fort is unkivert an acause o that the spaces atween units are appen tae the elements, technically pittin it in a category as a retail park. The design o the area pits in a 'twa-sided mall design' meant tae recreaut a tradítional heich street.[1]

The scheme appent up in October 2004 wi Phase 1 o the development providin 390,946 square feet (36,320.1 m2) o retail accommodation.[1] The nou, thare are ower 100 retail unit an 2 addítional kiosks. Retail reenge in size frae smaw single flairr 570 sq ft (53 sq m) spaces tae muckle multi-flair unit thit are ower 22,000 square feet (2,000 m2). Thare are aboot 2,500 motor parkin spaces fur the park.[2] In 2016 a new multi-storey car paurk appent wi ower 600 spaces in it.

Frae 2012 to 2013, an eikin tae The Fort wis unuer construction. It appent in October 2013, wi hunnrs o Glesga fowk attendin the grand appeninin. The eikin includit five new restaurant: Chiquito; Prezzo; Wagamama; TGI Friday's an Harvester, alangsyd an 8 screen Vue Cinema.

Atween 2014-2015 anither muckle eikin stairtit. Wi a wheen o new restaurants, shops an a muckle Marks and Spencer, the wikin appent in later 2015.

The centre fae the air shawin its horseshoe design an car parkin in the middle, alangsyd Auchinlea Park an the Provanhall neebourheid in the foregrund (2015)

Here are some o the shops fund in the Fort, as o Januar 2014:


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Buses an trains rin regularly tae Easterhouse railway station (2 mile awa) frae Glesga Ceetie Centre, as weel as buses frae the city tae the complex, makin Glasgow Fort easy tae git tae bi public transport.


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