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Rake fer teo- i the test
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Teo mey refer tae:

  • Teoh, the Min-nan spellin o the Cheenese surname Zhang
  • Teos, auncient Ionie ceety
  • Teo, A Coruña, a municipality in the Spainyie province o A Coruña
  • Teo LT, telecommunications company in Lithuanie
  • Teo Macero (1925–2008), jazz muisicker an record producer
    • Teo (album), a 1957 album bi Teo Macero an the Prestige Jazz Quartet
  • Teo McDohl, a character in the video gemme Suikoden
  • Teo, a 1999 animatit televeesion series producit bi BRB International an Violeta Denou
  • Teo, the paraplegic Yird Kinrick son o a mechanist who appears in Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Teo., a suffix for a private company leemitit bit shares in Ireland
  • Teo, a common male gien name, or elk-name for Theodore, Teofilo, Teopolis, etc.
  • Teo, a common male gien name, derivit frae Mateo
  • TeO, Tellurium monoxide (chemical compoond)
  • TEO, a subdiveesion o the Inferior temporal cortex (IT) o the brain
  • TEO, Twitter Ingine Optimization, helpin tae attract Twitter Followers, optimizin the Twitter accoont tae impruive Klout.
  • Teo (sangster), a Belarousihe sangster.
  • Teo (stand-up comedian), a Romanie stand-up comedian an writer.
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  • Te'o, a Samoan surname.