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The extra newlines surrounding "Category:Uiser leid templates" in this template (and similar ones) might be causing extra vertical whitespace on some user pages. Please remove them. (In fact, I would prefer moving the "noinclude" tag up to the same line as the close-div tag, to prevent all extraneous whitespace and keep all users of the Babel template from appearing in the "Uiser leid templates" category.) - dcljr 07:58, 8 Julie 2011 (UTC)[Replie]

Hmm. Maybe it's not actually causing extra whitespace. Other similar templates are, though. See, for example, User:AFBorchert. dcljr 08:21, 8 Julie 2011 (UTC)[Replie]
Doesn't seem to be the whitespace - it looks like those two templates had linebreaks (<BR>) in them - but I'll clear it out anyways as I check the templates. :-) Avicennasis 17:44, 9 Julie 2011 (UTC)[Replie]