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Wirks published/creautit in the [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}0s]].

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[[Category:{{{3}}}-century wirks|Wirkdecade]] [[Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}}0s|Wirks]]

Template documentation

Uisage: {{Wirkdecade|centuryyear|decadedigit|centuryname}} whaur

centuryyear is the twa-digit century: 18 for 1800-1899, 19 for 1900-1999, 20 for 2000-2099 etc.
decadedigit is the single digit decade: 5 for the years 50-59 in the abuin century year.
centuryname is the name of that century: 19t for the period 1800-1899, 20t for 1900-1999, 21st for 2000-2099 etc.