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Information icon Thanks fir yer contributions tae Wikipedia. If ye're gonnae mak mair chynges please uise the scance ower button afore ye publish yer chynges gin ye can; ye can find ony errours ye may hae made and ye'll no clog up recent chynges and the page history. Ye'll alsa help stop edit conflicts. Ablo the edit box is a Scance ower button. When ye press this this button ye can see wit the airticle wid luik like wi yer chynges withoot savin the page.

The Scance ower button can be fun aside the Publish chynges button and ablo the ootline field.

Ye shuid uise this afore ye save yer chynges. If ye've got ony questions, ye can ask fir help at the help desk. Thank ye.