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Information icon Hello, a'm Jimbo. A noticed that ye recently remuived some content wioot giein a raison whit wye. In the futur, it wid be helpfu tae ithers gin ye descrieve yer chynges tae Wikipaedia wi an edit summary. Gin this wis a mistak, dinnae fash: A pit the remuived content back in. Gin ye wid lik tae experiment, ye can uise the sandbox. Gin ye hink a made a mistak, or gin ye hae ony quaisten, ye can lea me a message on ma talk page. Thanks!

Template documentation


{{subst:Uw-delete1|article}} references a specific article
{{subst:Uw-delete1|article|addeetional text}} adds text ontae the end o the message instead o "Thanks" or "Thank ye"
  • This standardised template confurms tae guidelines bi the uiser wairnins project. Ye mey discuss the veesual appearance o these standardised templates (e.g. the image in the tap-left corner) at the uiser wairnin talk page.
  • Please refer tae the index o message templates afore uisin ony template on uiser talk pages tae wairn a uiser. Applyin the best template available for your purpose mey help reduce confusion frae the message ye are sendin.
  • When uisin multi-level templates, in some cases ye need nae start wi a level-1 wairnin. See Wikipedia:WikiProject uiser wairnings/Uisage an layout#Levels.
  • Please remember tae substitute the template uisin {{subst:Uw-delete1}} rather than {{uw-delete1}}.
  • This template uises a parser function. Tae gie greater detail tae yer message, ye mey add the article an some addeetional text tae the end o the template.

  • Part of the uw-delete user warning series
    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 4im
    {{uw-delete1}} {{uw-delete2}} {{uw-delete3}} {{uw-delete4}} {{uw-delete4im}}